Rare Earth For Desert Plant | Poster | Live Visuals

3D, Animation, Art Direction, Branding, Concept, Design

"The Rare Earth hypothesis states that complex life is the product of an intricate series of coincidental cosmic conditions. The unlikelihood for these precise circumstances to align suggests that intelligent life is rare elsewhere in the universe—if it exists at all. But perhaps complex life is more varied than we know to look for. It might even be all around us, undetected or simply unnoticed. An audiovisual performance piece inspired by the emergence of organized systems in chaotic environments, Rare Earth for Desert Plant is a ritual plea for interstellar contact. Using augmented trumpet, modular synthesizers, interactive visuals, and ceremonial objects, a beacon for intelligent communication is formed and activated."

For our upcoming performance at Stanford we needed a poster to promote the event. We were inspired by the idea of interstellar communication, so I visualized what it could look like to transmit information out into space. For the round of live visuals, we ran with the same themes, I visualized a pulsating beacon that would move and flash to the sound of the audio as well as what it looks like when the energy is extending outward into space.