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Poster 1: Ed Fella's Future Poster | The task was to create a poster that would represent myself if I came back to lecture at Calarts. The result: a poster combining elements generated through software from my future, current, and past interests: 3d, illustration, experimental typography, and brushwork.

Poster 2: Calarts Halloween 2014 | The task was to team up with classmates and make 1/4 screen printed posters to be displayed to promote the Calarts Halloween party. The theme this year was Voodoo/Bayou, so our class came together to conceptualize some potential directions, and for execution Caroline Renzelman, Hyun Soo, and I chose the Voodoo Queen concept.

Poster 3: A Night of Romance | T'was a dark and stormy night when my friend Mochi Robinson asked if I could make a poster for his recital. We were inspired by the festivities and socializing that happens during concerts so my friend Nick Humbel and I drew some characters to represent the people at our school.