Introduction to p5.js

3D, Animation, Art Direction, Branding, Concept, Design

I was tasked by my Creative Director: Alejandro Hernandez to develop the concept, branding, and see through all the promotional and internal assets needed for Chandler McWilliams' P5.js course in collaboration with Kadenze. In his course, he teaches students how to understand the the basics of learning how to write code within the context of visual arts. Using P5.js we created the animated patterns in the background, as well as the p5js custom type. I was inspired by the idea of individual lines of code stacking ontop of eachother to create new effects, so I reflected that in the animation of the P5JS type. Once the title was approved, I used one of the frames from the animation as a foundation to create the remaining assets. Then after I synced up with Alejandro to dial in the assets to be in line with WCAG requirements and legibile at 240p.

See you in class!